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what are the best private/independent schools in the boston area? (feel free to define "best" however you see fit)
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If by "best" you mean well-known, here are a couple: Boston Latin School (not private, but certainly independent, and the oldest school in America), Milton Academy.

A couple of my cousins got superb educations at Beaver Country Day School, in Newton.

Finally, also not a private school, but I know people kill (or at least move to Brookline) to get their kids into Brookline High School, which is like a private school but without the cost. Conan O'Brien went there, along with a long list of other luminaries.
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Buckingham Brown & Nichols
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Noble & Greenough has a castle. That's how I define "best."

...That's only half facetious. I know some of these schools fairly well; and as far as which is "best"...? All offer good opportunities, and I've heard horror stories from all. Campus and location are major differences. Visit, then go with your gut.

They also have a boathouse.
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Are you including single-sex schools? Because then Winsor/Belmont Hill/maybe Dana Hall.
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I hear Shady Hill in Cambridge is rather good.

Also, you don't define any age ranges. Many private schools in Boston are k - 8 or 9 - 12 only and a good number are k - 12, too.

If you're considering schools of a religious bent, the Catholic option of Saint Columbkille is now under Boston College and is thought to be pretty good. And Boston College High is very reputable as boys school.
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The Commonwealth School has very high academic standards; it's a best-fit for kids who are somewhat alternative and who like very small classes.

Boston Latin School (not private, but certainly independent

Boston Latin is a public school run by the City of Boston. You have to be a resident of Boston to go there, and you have to get in through an annual exam.

Boston has some other great magnet and exam schools, like the Boston Arts Academy and the O'Brien School of Mathematics and Science.

"Independent school" is a synonym for "private school."

Boston magazine does an annual "Best Schools" feature that might be helpful.
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I found this list of top-ranked Boston private middle schools, and its sorting capability, at more useful than the Boston magazine article. Expand your search to Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Weston, etc. as you see fit and filter or dive down to class sizes, etc.
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A girl I interned with one summer used to say her high school, Milton, was the best school and was ranked as the very best private prep school on the East Coast. She attended Yale. But she's in her thirties and still being supported by her parents, despite having a BA and a few master's degrees. She doesn't have any health or mental problems or anything. I think she's just an actress with well to do (but not super wealthy) parents who are okay with supporting her.
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For art/nerds, seconding Commonwealth. Saved my life after a stint at one of the single-sex schools oinopaponton mentioned.
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Thayer Academy did well by me, a few decades ago. Milton Academy is exceedingly well regarded.
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Phillips Andover Academy certainly should be on any list of top private Boston area schools.
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