wedding road trip, music needed
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help me make a playlist for the road trip to our wedding.

we're driving about 4 hours each way and have 4 gigs we can fill up with music. i want a ton of songs about marriage or weddings. i plan to include "chapel of love", "get me to the church on time" (my fair lady), and "hotel yorba" (white stripes). i'm looking for other songs that are fun to add to the collection. we're nonreligious, but don't mind mentions of churches (but aren't looking for "god will protect your marriage" sort of stuff). nothing overly cynical or sad, but i don't mind a little cheeky fun, either. any genre is greatly encouraged. he's more indie/lo-fi, i'm more old/alt country, but we both love metal, punk, standards, rap, early rock, etc. we're not the biggest fan of exuberant auto-tuning.

i searched other music questions, but those seem to be all about what to play at the wedding - not songs about weddings.
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Billy Idol - White Wedding
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Anniversary Song - Cowboy Junkies
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january wedding - the avett brothers
question - old 97s (more like engagement, but still sweet)
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johnny cash- jackson
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"Anniversary" by The Pogues (sort of...the lyrics seem to be about the marking of, yes, an anniversary, but I think they work equally well for a wedding day)
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also i think tom waits - hold on is a seriously romantic song about a marriage but, may fall a little too close to cynical for what you want
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"In Spite of Ourselves" - John Prine and Iris DeMent.
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specific engagement/wedding/marriage references:
American Wedding, Gogol Bordello (amusing complaint that weddings don't last 3 days in the U.S., unlike in Russia)
Memories Are Made of This and Ain't That a Kick in the Head, Dean Martin
Love and Marriage, Frank Sinatra
Blue Room, Chet Baker
Modern Love and Be My Wife, David Bowie ("Modern Love" contains the "get me to the church on time" line in the chorus)
Work All Week, Mekons
Question, Old 97's
Sweet and Dandy, Toots & the Maytals

A few more general love/commitment songs that might work (even if there's no direct lyrical reference to marriage):
Tonight We Fly, The Divine Comedy (so romantic!)
Luckiest Man Alive, The Finn Brothers
What Is Life, George Harrison
It Must Be Love, Madness
Maybe I'm Amazed, Paul McCartney
You're the Best Thing, The Style Council
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Not specifically about a wedding, but I can't help but smile like a big dork and think about my own pending nuptuals when I listen to the Chris Brown song in this viral video. If it was me, I'd want this kind of fun stuff on your wedding road trip!
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You should throw in a song or two about the place you're getting married too. The Breeders' "Driving on 9" is forever associated with my wedding because it came out around that time and the place we were getting married was on a Route 9. A little offbeat, but still memorable 15 years later.

You Never can tell (Teenage wedding) Chuck Berry
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Response by poster: these are AWESOME answers! keep 'em coming!

great idea, saffry - we're getting married in texas, driving from oklahoma, if that gives anyone any more ideas.
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Chris Whitley/Jeff Lang's Forever In My Life. Alt-country/blues cover of a Prince original. It's all rumbling dirty gritty pretty.

And if you don't know Chris Whitley already, he sounds like a great fit for your tastes. He is the guy that never made it big because he never cared to. And had everybody from Dylan to Dave Matthews at his funeral. Powerful, raw, virtuoso guitar and haunting lyrics. A definite must listen.

And hey, congratulations on your wedding! Best Wishes!
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Wilco- yankee hotel foxtrot
Pixies- doolittle
built to spill- anything really, but especially there's nothing wrong with love, you in reverse, and keep it like a secret
magnetic fields- 69 songs
modest mouse- the moon and antarctica
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Under the "cheeky fun" column, you could include "Getting Married Today" from Company (Sondheim). To balance it out, follow it with "Being Alive" from the same show. Oh, actually, maybe the best one from that show is "Marry Me a Little."

"The Next Ten Minutes" from The Last Five Years (just, uh, don't listen to the beginning or the end of that album).

"I Love You" by The Barenaked Ladies.
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Cigarettes, Wedding Band - Band of Horses
Marry Song - Band of Horses
Wedding Song - Tracy Chapman
Share Your Love With Me - Aretha Franklin
Lotta Love - She & Him
Love is Better than a Warm Trombone - Gomez
It's True that We Love One Another - The White Stripes
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town - The Killers ... warning, song is about a dysfunctional marriage
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One Day Like This, Elbow
At Last, Etta James
For You, For Me, Forevermore, Ella Fitzgerald
The Idea of Growing Old, The Features
When I'm Sixty-Four, The Beatles
Your Smiling Face, James Taylor (Or, Your Grouchy Face, if you have no problem with comparing your relationship to James Taylor singing to Oscar the Grouch)
Starting a New Life, Van Morrison
I can't deal with most Bob Marley songs, but Is This Love? makes me all happy inside
Maybe Acuff Rose by Uncle Tupelo
Baby, I Love You, The Ramones
And yeah, I'm gonna go there. Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera.
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Seconding "In Spite Of Ourselves". That is a wonderful song.

A couple of oldies for your list:
Bus Stop, the Hollies
Be My Baby, the Ronettes

And I don't think anyone has mentioned Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" yet (couldn't find a good video for it, alas).
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None of these are explicity about weddings or have anything in the lyrics about marriage (that I can recall), but are, IMHO, good, sweet love songs (unless noted otherwise)...

All I want is you - U2
Angel from Montgomery - John Prine & Bonnie Raitt (dysfunctional, at least to my mind...)
Better together - Jack Johnson (personal bias - this is "our" song)
You couldn't have come at a better time - Luka Bloom
Let there be love & Stand by love - Simple Minds
Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
In the dark with you - Greg Brown
Forever in blue jeans - Neil Diamond
Prairie town - The Wailin' Jennys
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Oh, also: Giving Away the Bride by Califone. Typical for them, the lyrics are pretty oblique/surreal-ish and don't seem to really be about a relationship, but given that Califone occupies an interesting intersection between Lo-Fi Ave. and Alt-Country Street, you might enjoy it nevertheless.
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"I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)" - Nick Lowe "Marry The Man Today" - from Guys and Dolls
"My Mother's Wedding Day" - from Brigadoon
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St. Vincent - Marry Me
Al Green - Let's Get Married
Ray Charles - Ring of Fire
Frank Wilson - Do I Love You ("Here I am on bended knees...")
The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice
XTC - Love On a Farmboy's Wages and Earn Enough for Us
Otis Redding - Chained and Bound
Alfreda Brockington - Your Love Has Got Me Chained & Bound

In the spirit of cheeky fun:
The Carter Family - Single Girl, Married Girl
Tom Waits - Better Off Without a Wife
Fiery Furnaces - Single Again
Wives and Lovers
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Ohmigosh you want "Sheep" by The Sugarplastic in that mix. Cursory Googling is failing me - hit me up in MeMail if you'd like more details.

Howsabout "The Greatest Thing" by Elvis Costello? Snarky and wonderful.

(This question got me thinking about the songs played before the processional at my own wedding, and while not wedding-specific watching this destroyed me the way it always has and I seriously just had to tiptoe into the bedroom and give my sleeping sweetie a smooch on the forehead. Congratulations to you & yours. Love is unspeakably awesome.)
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Yardbirds - "For Your Love" (definitely)
Edwin Starr - "My Weakness is You" (maybe)
Stevie Wonder - "Uptight"

And, ever since Little Miss Sunshine, no road trip anywhere is complete without DeVotchKa's "Enemy Guns"
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also, Spencer Davis Group - "Gimme Some Lovin'" (and that's a white boy! I won a bet off that once!)

or "I'm a Man"

or Dusty Springfield - "I Only Want to be With You"
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The Magnetic Fields - The Book of Love
Tom Brosseau - Kiss My Lips
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Manfred Mann - Do Wah Diddy Diddy
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Ooh, the Manfred Mann suggestion reminded me: Sha La La La Lee by the Small Faces. Final verse: "Wanna know how my story ends? (Sha-la-la-la-lee) / We invited just a few close friends (Sha-la-la-la-lee)"
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