Non-English Hip Hop / Indie / Dance Radio
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I just recently discovered Czech Radio 1 which plays, at least from what I've listened to, hip-hop/indie/dance. I know there's BBC Radio 1 and KCRW, but they're both in English. Are other stations with similar formats but in different languages? Internet streaming would be ideal.
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Best answer: Enjoy!
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I like All For Peace out of Israel. Their talk radio may not be for everyone, but musically they're all over the map which is nice.
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I know this isn't quite what you asked for, but shortwave radio is tons of fun for listening to radio from different countries. I've listened to music, news, and other programs from Radio Netherlands, Radio Taiwan, Australian Broadcasting Company, Radio China, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Hungary, as well as many, many other stations that were speaking foreign languages, which meant I couldn't identify them.

You can get decent, inexpensive shortwave radios from Grundig or Sangean. The audio isn't as high quality as FM, but it's as good as a low-bandwidth internet station.
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I've been wondering why the satellite companies (Sirius, et al.) don't glom onto that market. Granted, they need handle it differently than domestic stations -- prolly set up some sort of of relay to get the signal to their satellite -- but that is certainly do-able. You'd think expanding their offering with some dozen or so foreign stations would be a natural idea.

Ack! I don't wanna derail this thread. Just wanted to pop on to thank those that provided links and vent a bit.
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kexp rocks. Not from outside the country, but a good reliable listen.
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