What are the best SolidWorks tutorials?
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What are the best freely-available SolidWorks tutorials?

A mechanical engineering graduate course I am involved with has a CAD/FEA aspect using SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation (Version 2010). Some of the students are coming from other institutions without SolidWorks training, so I'd like to provide some high-quality (and free) resources for them to get up to speed on the basics as quick as possible. I'm looking for tutorials with some linear progression such as the The 40-Minute Running Start chapter in the old documentation.
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Best answer: Actually, the built-in tutorial progression is pretty fantastic. My husband (a mechanical engineer with other CAD experience) learned using that and was proficient within two days.
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He adds that Solidworks Tutorials is very good too.
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i think bookdragoness meant:
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