What is the deal with Jeff Bridges' hat in The Door in the Floor?
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We recently rented "The Door in the Floor" (highly not recommended). At one point, I turned to my wife and said that I thought the only redeeming thing about the movie was Jeff Bridges' hat. So does anyone who has had the misfortune of seeing that movie know anything about that hat or even where to find a similar hat?
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a little help from one of the reviews: About Bridges - He does Ted as bona-fide bohemian, no more a Connecticut prep school alum than was Paul Gauguin (whose hat collection he seems to have inherited)
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Are there any screen caps or pictures of this hat for those of us who haven't (and now won't) see the movie?
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Is it the hat in the trailer (here) Bridges is wearing while riding the bicycle?
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This appears to be a slightly better view of the same hat. No idea where to get one, I'm afraid.
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Dunno if they have it for sure, but there's a terrific hat shop here in Madison called The Sacred Feather. They're very nice, and you could give 'em a call. I bought me a terrific winter hat there recently.
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I just rented that movie too.

Holy shitty movie Batman!
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Response by poster: Yes, mrgavins and null, that's the hat. And thank you Dr. Wu for the suggestion, I'll give'm a call.
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