What are the best gardening blogs?
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Recommend me the best gardening blogs!

The last time I was deeply immersed in gardening was ... well, way back before the days of the interwebs. Now that I finally have a backyard of my own, I'm sure there must be a skillion blogs out there kept by gardeners sharing their photos, inspirations, discoveries, successes and failures, photos, etc. etc. Which do you think are the best of the lot?

I'm interested in both ornamental and edible gardening, and would particularly welcome sites focusing on the Pacific NW. Not really looking for how-to info; rather, I'm seeking ideas, inspiration, and reflection, from people who are passionate about their gardens.
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My favorite is You Grow Girl.
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I recently heard a talk by the owners of a blog called Homegrown Evolution. It focuses on urban gardening and takes a somewhat philosophical approach. By that, I mean it encourages a culture of gardening. There is also a lot about chickens. =)
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You may find some like-minded people with good blogs on My Folia. It's set-up as a community where you can track your own garden's process, but with links to other peoples journals and pictures. You can specifically look for others in the same climate or with a type of garden you're interested in.
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Three of my faves:

The Garden Professors
Garden Rant
Pam Penick's Digging
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Not a blog per se, but still a great forum is gardenweb.

Once you get there, click on the "forums" link. There's multiple organizational approaches to their forums -- by region, plant type, gardening style, etc. Very detailed, lots of expert advice, a few cranks/nutjobs, like any community forum. Here is a Pacific Northwest seed exchange forum there.

If you're into tomatos, this is a great forum for absolutely top-notch advice and even seed exchange with a world-class heirloom tomato culturist. It's a bit primitive to navigate, but excellent overall.
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Rainy Side Gardeners is focused on the Pacific Northwest. They seem to average about 1-2 posts per day.
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Rurality and Niches
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A Way to Garden - by Margaret Roach, a former editor of Martha Stewart Living. Based in New York.
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