What's this song?
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I've got a song stuck in my head but I don't know what it is and it's driving me crazy.

I like to listen to the Dan Patrick radio show via podcast / streaming iPhone app, and a lot of times when they go to commercial break or come back or end or start a segment there will be a little 20 - 30 seconds of music. It's a pretty eclectic mix. Rage Against the Machine, Jawbreaker, Arcade Fire... I can identify most of it when I hear it.

Anyway, there is a song they play sometimes that has, to my mind, in the little snippet I've heard, a very "alt country" kind of feel. Maybe sort of like Ryan Adams?

The lyrics, as far as I can make them out, are something like.. "Well I lean on you sometimes / Just to see each other..."

Yeah, super helpful, right?

The lame Googlin' I've attempted indicates that the only thing that comes close is a song called Kiss the Bottle by Jawbreaker. That makes sense, because they *do* play Jawbreaker, but I've gone on iTunes and listened to a sample of the song and it just doesn't sound anything the thing. Not at all.

I've sent inquires to the DP people, but have yet to hear back. So how about it, MeFi, anything ring a bell?
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Best answer: Lucero did a cover of the Jawbreaker song, and I think they're considered alt country.
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Best answer: You're probably thinking of Lucero. They've kinda revived Kiss The Bottle. They do a good job with it if you ask me
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Response by poster: You are so spot fucking on. Oh my God. Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you. I was going crazy - the lyrics were there but everything else was wrong. A cover should have occurred to me.

This is a pretty amazing song. Yay!
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for future reference - this is one of the reasons i love the covers project.
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If you're interested, here's a recent Lucero show from the 930 in DC -- including "Kiss The Bottle". They're a great bunch of guys and one of my favorite bands...
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I read this question and thought, surely it's not that cover Lucero does. Oh well.

That was just an excuse to say this:

Lucero rocks, and if you like twangy, sweaty rock, the chances are good that you will like them.

If Springsteen were from Memphis, he'd sound like Ben Nichols.
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Yay, now I've got Jawbreaker in my head.

It's always loneliest at night
Down at the liquor store
Beneath the neon lights

(add roaring guitars)

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Just want to chime in that Lucero are phenomenal! Check out the albums "That Much Further West" and then also "Tennessee"

Honestly, I'd recommend everything after their self titled album. I didn't care for that one, but everything else... wow!

As others have said, Lucero rocks! Their stuff is really worth looking into.

Anybody who has a copy of Lucero doing Kiss The Bottle... PM me!!!!
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Never mind. Found it.

P.S. Lucero's lead singer is Ben Nichols. He's got a solo EP called "The Last Pale Light In The West" and it's really excellent as well. Check it out on iTunes. If, like me, you subscribe to eMusic, you can find it there too. Highly recommended!

There's a lot of great alt/country stuff out there.
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