What to do in San Francisco next week
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I'll be in San Francisco next week the 17th through the 21st (hopefully) raising some capital for my startup company. While I'm in the Bay area I'd like to attend some startup/tech related informal meetups or unconferences. Is there a good event calendar for this sort of thing? I've found a few listings but not anything that's exhaustive.
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You might check out Noisebridge.
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Craigslist's even calendar
Check out dorkbot
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what kind company? If it's tech related you might try Open Hacker House - it's moved but here's the new address.

Open Hacker House
A regular FRIDAY meetup in San Francisco

Working for yourself is great but working by yourself can suck. So we're going to try an experiment, put a stake in the ground and see what happens.
No signup, just show up.

Epicenter Cafe, Fridays, 4-7pm. 764 Harrison
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I would hit up Jelly! on Wednesday the 20th, from 1 to 5, at Sugarlump Cafe in the Mission District. More details here. Same idea as the Open Hacker House.

With both Jelly! and OHH, I imagine you'll have fewer VC'd startups and more bootstrappers. I will say, though, that the Jelly! folks are going to be quality. That's kind of what they do.
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A good bet is to check out Robert Scoble's calendar on Upcoming. He gets invited to everything and even if he isn't going, he gets it on his calendar.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!
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