Hope me a long-distance 40th birthday gift
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A longtime friend (male, FWIW) in Brooklyn is having a surprise 40th birthday party on Saturday 16 JAN 2010. I live across the country and can't attend, but I'd like to have something off-the-wall or oddball delivered to his party, like a singing telegram. Any ideas?
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Stripper in giant cake.
Prohibition-era gangster in giant cake.
Something in a giant cake!
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I don't know if this guy is still at it, but if the party will be in Williamsburg/Greenpoint you might be able to get "crack" delivered by a dolphin.
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Maybe you could get someone from Improv Everywhere to organize something. I'm sure they'd have some fun ideas.
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Best answer: Someone sent me a singing telegram (dressed as an ape!) this past year and it was truly hilarious. I say it's a great idea. (The singing chicken was booked, so call ahead if you have an animal preference.)
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Take your friend's temperament into account when choosing the surprise. Someone I know was embarrassed to the point of tears by a "male stripper" birthday greeting at work.
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Response by poster: Yeah, there will be family and young 'uns there, so strippers are out. Friend would have no problem with it though.
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In the absence of something more artsy, I am all for a gorilla.
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Wow, what an awesome question. I had *no* idea just how many companies offered singing telegram services in NYC (thanks, google local!)

Another vote for the signing telegram.
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Years ago, my uncle couldn't make a big work party for my dad, and he sent a singing telegram (man in a tux) with a bottle of champagne. I was 10 or 11, and I still remember it and the song! It was great, and classy. If you personalize the song, make sure to get a printout/framed copy to give to your friend as a keepsake. Highly recommend!
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