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Help me surprise my awesome hubby
September 28, 2011 10:23 PM   Subscribe

Help me surprise my husband for his birthday. My husband always picks out his gifts for his birthday and this year I want to do something special. We live in the Bay Area and are on a low budget. He is a tech geek, but also loves the outdoors and having adventures. Any ideas for romantic gestures/ outings/ gifts that aren't that expensive?
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Have you been to the computer history museum in Mountain View? A tech geek can nerd out in there for HOURS. And if you pay a little more for admission you walk away with a shirt that says CHM in binary.
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I was going to suggest the CHM as well. There is also an Aviation Museum up around San Carlos if you want to make a run up 101. Wine and cheese on the beach at Half Moon Bay for dusk is always a nice thing, and you can go pretty much straight out 92 from San Carlos.
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Multiple stage geocache with heartfelt little gifties to be found along the way?
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I am a husband and tech geek who likes the outdoors and lives in the bay area.

What would I like for my birthday? Not tech stuff. I've already done it all myself.

I want my birthday to be a fun day with my wife, not a change to experience some random techy thing while she's bored.

Things that would be fun:

Winetasting in Napa.
Hiking on Angel Island.
Kayaking Tomales bay.
Wind or Kitesurfing lessons (they do these in San Mateo and Alameda, as far as I know).

Fun adventures that you can do together that will be memorable.

I enjoy tech, but as a gift, it's fairly boring. Going to a tech museum for me would be like taking someone who loves to read to the library. It's not that they don't like the library, it just doesn't feel quite as special.
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I once arranged for a really cool hike for my parents that involved a car shuttle and they wouldn't have done otherwise. Is there some kind of hike, kayak in the bay, bike ride in the oakland hills, etc that he's been toying with doing, but has never take the time to plan.
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Something Geocache. Go wild!
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Hackerspace outings! Try Noisebridge, HackerDojo, Ace Monster Toys, or NIMBY.

I brought my tech geek boyfriend visiting from Australia to Noisebridge and he loved it, it was like heaven to him. We also did a tandem bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge - he is an avid cyclist and I don't know how to cycle, but we did it and it was good fun!
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and I'm one of those geeks that would love to be brought to a tech museum, fyi - it's more special than a library visit (and I LOVE libraries!) since you don't get to go there so freely and so openly!
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How about a tour of some REALLY BIG tech? You can visit the Stanford Linear Accelerator in Menlo Park or the National Ignition Facility for laser fusion research at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in Livermore. Both are free but you have to sign up in advance for tours.
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"You can visit ... the National Ignition Facility for laser fusion research at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in Livermore."

I went on this tour a couple years ago. It was quite cool. it's more akin tour touring the Hover Dam than going to a Museum. The equipment they have in there is just phenomenal in terms of its scale.
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I have a husband, live here in SF. We did simple things for his birthday and it turned out to be pretty affordable, as well. This concept works well when billed as "Your Perfect Saturday/Sunday".
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