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GNV-Filter: Not your average hotel/motel in Gainesville, Fla?

I am flying to Gainesville later this month and am seeking a hotel or motel in the downtown area. All I can find are high-priced B&Bs or large anonymous corporate hotels, most of which are located not in the city center. Is there anything that is smaller and centrally located? I would prefer to not be out in the sticks, or by the University.

Thanks in advance!
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Gainesville resident here. And I live downtown, too! What you probably need to know is that Gainesville is a fairly small city, geographically. As in: I live downtown and walk to work, at the university and only 1.6 miles away, every day. There are some skeevy motels on University Ave, a brand new corporate hotel downtown, and a Holiday Inn right next to the University. But, as I was saying, anything near the downtown is going to be within two miles of the college, so those (or one of those duckpond B&Bs) really are probably your best bet.

If you get bored while you're here, feel free to send me a MeMail. I'd be glad to buy an out of towner a beer or two.
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I don't know where you're going to sleep, but if you don't take the time to buy a pizza at Satchel's, you're doing yourself a horrible disservice.

Gainesville's a really cool town. Take the time to explore a little, if you can.
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I'm from Gainesville, and I'd second PhoBWanKenobi's comment: Gainesville's a bitty town, despite its huge student population. You could probably do the CouchSurfing thing there with great success, if that's your cup of tea. The Holiday Inn is a good central location. There's also a couple of hotels on Archer Road, I think, that aren't too far away from downtown and not directly next to the University.

Good luck!
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