What outdoor toys do your kids like?
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Scooters, skateboards, tricycles... what else could we be playing with?

My kids and I spend a lot of time playing in our driveway, rain or shine. Any suggestions for good active toys?

Already covered:
pogo stick
can stilts
bouncy ball
Rody horse

What else could we be riding, pushing, wheeling, peddling? One kid is almost four years old, the other is seven.
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Spring board?
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 3:50 PM on January 13, 2010

Rollerskates and/or inline skates? I used to rollerskate around in circles and do basic turns for hours when I was little.
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Roller blades or roller skates, for the older one at least. Also wheelbarrow rides (takes two people and a wheelbarrow). I spent many a childhood afternoon playing with those in my driveway.
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Plasma Car. My kids LOVE them. And adults can even ride them!
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What about an old school red wagon ?
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A Soap Box Derby Car? Relive the magic!
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Another thing I used for hours on end as a child: a Tennis Trainer. It sounds and looks a bit ridiculous, but I really enjoyed it. Your seven-year-old might too.
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Instead of getting more stuff to ride/bounce/roll, why don't you get some things to use with that other stuff. Build some very small ramps ( I'm thinking 3-4 inches off the ground), get some little traffic cones and make your own obstacle courses. Sidewalk chalk also helps with drawing lanes.
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When I said ramps, I mean the kind that go up one side and down the other, more like a speed bump. Not the kind that would allow the kids to actually 'get air'.
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It seems like you could be playing with active toys that aren't centered around locomotion. Basketball hoop, this type of scoop ball game, wiffle ball and bat, plain old playground ball, etc.
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Fun roller. Hop ball. Exercise ball. Also, a scooter like this + a rope to pull each other.
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Not exactly what you asked for, but what about reasons to jump around not requiring locomotion? Hopscotch, jump rope?
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must... get... plasma....car. BEST TOY EVER
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When I was a kid, it was all about the skipping ropes and the street hockey.
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Yes to roller skates. Also hula-hoops, hoppity-hops, and jump ropes. We also had a Wiggle Wagon, which is no longer manufactured but is very similar to a Flying Turtle. When we got too old and impatient to do the wiggling part, we would kneel on it with one knee and push with the other leg like a scooter.
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Builds balance skills, confidence, and yearning to run off and join the circus.
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Most kids I know age 6 and over either have or want a Ripstik. I'm quite tempted myself.
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When I was a kid I had a Kettcar similar to this one (PDF). Your four-year-old might be old enough to ride it around (the seat adjusts easily) and the seven-year-old would be racing down the street and popping wheelies with the handbrake like I did at that age. It was a ton of fun.
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