Good calendar printing service for a small side-business?
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Calendar Printing: I have a calendar I want to sell as a small side-business. What print service should I use?

Essential Features:
-Ability to import calendar data (from iCal).
-Pictures and such easily editable
-Legality (see below)

Nice features:
-Professional look. If I can avoid things like "Made on a Mac!" and stuff on the back, that'd be sweet.
-Ability to send directly to a customer
-Low price point, though it seems like most of these are around $20-30 per calendar depending on size and number of months.

iPhoto's calendar printing option is actually very good for what I want, but I'd like some more recommendations, and as a product I'm hoping to sell, the various "Made on a Mac" type things I've seen on iPhoto Photobooks seem a little unprofessional looking.

As for legality, am I *allowed* to use someone else's printing service for my own business if I'm just providing the content? Could I get in trouble selling things off of iPhoto, for example?

As a probably relevant note, each calendar I'm hoping to sell will be custom for the buyer, so I won't benefit from any volume discounts.
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I don't know that I can answer your questions, but I would highly recommend you try Print Local. I've used it before to find pretty good deals for various different print jobs ranging from thousands of postcards to a couple posters. You just describe your job, and different printers will send you bids for the job. It's probably a good idea to get on the phone with some of the printers and talk about your project in further detail with them before you choose a company. Good luck!
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