iPhone not syncing calendars, photos, and triplicated my notes. Help?
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iPhone not syncing calendars, photos, and triplicated my notes. Help?

I am looking for help with this issue AND/OR great resources to help. There are tons of forums, its difficult to find my answer.

It started with my photos. First iTunes would not sync my selected album. I would sync over and over, and it would say it synced but on my phone it would say "no photos or videos." Then it stopped showing any options or albums under "Selected albums."

Then I noticed that it triplicated my notes.

Most importantly, since I really only got this phone years ago for the calendar and never had problems until now, it has stopped syning my calendar. Like iPhoto it has stopped showing any options under "Selected calendars." I am afraid to restore because I don't want to lose the information on my phone. It says it's backed it up, but obviously it's lied to me in the past.

It looks like there's a communication breakdown between iTunes & these other programs; like iTunes can't see my calendars, photo albums, & notes. Do I downgrade my software? I never had problems before. I upgraded to the latest Mac OS as well and that has made a lot of programs crash that never crashed before, my computer crashed 3x yesterday. My calendar is the most important, vital part of having this phone at all. I am starting to panic. My phone is 3G and I'm wondering if Apple is just dropping the ball on supporting not the latest model of their products.
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I have a 3G phone with the current version of Snow Leopard and iTunes and am not seeing the described behaviors.

I have had a lot of problems syncing lately, including one that forced a restore, but all my problems were resolved by using a different (new) phone cord to connect to my laptop and being very sure the USB connector was plugged firmly into my phone. Because the phone is older and has been plugged in and unplugged a lot, the connector doesn't work as well as it did when new, and so I have to be very sure it's properly plugged in to get the phone to sync.

This may not solve your problem but it is an easy thing to check and the new cord is only $19, if you need one.
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If you still need help (since you asked for resources), the forums at iLounge are great.
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Best answer: I managed to find -- scraping the bottom of Google, and with no help from Apple's Tech Note cross references -- a couple of forum posts suggesting going to iSync preferences and resetting the sync history: this worked for me. If that hadn't worked, I would have moved on to the steps in http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2481 -- also hard to find via google or Apple.
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