Printer Recycling
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How do I dispose of my old, broken printer? Recycling preferred.
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Best answer: You might want to contact your local waste management folks in Greensboro. Often times they will have a location where you can deposit these sorts of items, either at a government facility or at a commercial partner.
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If you can't find somewhere to take it complete, grab the screwdriver and separate it to different kinds of parts. You will probably end up with lots of plastic bits, lots of metal sheilding (depending on how well built the printer is), and lots of circuit board. The circuit board would go in the trash unless you have a special lead disposal area. The rest should be recyclable where facilities exist (tm).
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If the printer is a good model, somebody will be willing to take it off of you, working or not. The second R is reuse :)
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Home Depot won't do it for a fee? I know they were doing it for free for awhile and I just thought that was because they usually charge for it, not that they didn't have it at all. I'd say call them, and call your printer manufacturer and ask them where you can recycle their products. Many manufacturers will now do it for you.

As for reuse, try to find the branch in your area.
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