Petite Printer, Please
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Please recommend a printer with a small footprint that will operate wirelessly from my MacBook Pro version 10.6.2. I don't need color; I don't need a scanner; I don't need a FAX. I need a small, reliable printer for occasional home use. Thanx!
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Best answer: Brother HL-2170w Wireless Laser Printer, hands-down, no question.

Linked review includes screenshots of the (easy) OS X driver and util interfaces.

I've been through 15-20 printers in my long days, and my current Brothers are my favorites. Cheap consumables, reliable hardware, nice OSX/Windows/Linux support. Solid.
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Seconding what rokusan said. That's my current printer, too, and it's worked great for me since I got it last month. SlickDeals found it for $47 the other day, after rebate and coupon.
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Oh, and there are generic-branded toners available at fantastic prices.
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I have the Brother printer as well. It's the one you want. Simple. There's a small amount of fuckery setting it up [or was when I got it, may not be true now] and then it's smooth sailing.
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I've got a wired version of that same printer. It is, hands down, the best printer I have ever owned.
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My brother bought a Brother printer for my mom. Rather than be wireless, he got the ethernet version that plugged into the back of mom's router. So when I connected to mom's wireless network and needed to print something, it just showed up in the print dialogue on my MacBook Pro and I was off to the races.

I'm currently rocking my old HP laser printer (it is USB but I can print wirelessly through my Airport Extreme) but when it goes off to the great printer playground in the sky, I plan on getting a Brother.
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I have the Brother printer too and it's great.
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After seeing the level of agreement in this thread, I looked at my printer. Yep, a Brother HL-2170W.

It's clear that great minds think alike.
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Yep. The others have nailed it.
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I've got the same one (the 2170w). Had it wired for a long time, and finally set it up wirelessly a few weeks ago. I've had it almost two years now and it works great, no complaints, I'm even still on the original ink cartridge.
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