What are your favorite stores for jewlery making supplies?
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What are your favorite sites for jewelry making supplies? I lean toward more vintage and vintage style sites, but suggestions about standard stores that you really enjoy would also be appreciated.

I recently discovered the world of jewelry making and I'm really liking it. I have already purchased from:

Jewelry Supply
Art Beads

I've also come across these websites as well:

Vintage Jewelry Supplies
Beadin' Path
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Way back when, maybe 10 years ago, I took a few jewelry making classes, and most of our supplies came from http://www.riogrande.com/
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Fire Mountain Gems is the biggest, best jewelery making site I know.

I also like browsing through papier valise for quirky, vintage findings. I love the collection of tiny lockets and itty-bitty glass boxes.
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tiny lockets
itty-bitty glass boxes
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For vast selection and prices: Fire Mountain Gems and eeBeads
and Art Gems Inc.
For organic beads and beads inspired by other cultures: Beads Worldwide
For Czech hurricane glass beads: Brightlings Beads
For Venetian glass beads: Venetian Bead Shop
For hard-to-find findings: Ornamentea (**You might like their brass filigree**)
For Hill Tribes silver: Shiana
For carved stone pendants: Waly-Beads (ebay store)

For inspiration, captures from Bones TV show (really, who makes their jewelry?!): Bones, Brennan, Angela
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I like FusionBeads-- not as comprehensive as Fire Mountain or as arty as ArtBeads, but they have some lovely stuff and a nice free-shipping policy.
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Nthing Fire Mountain Gems. Large selection, good prices on the basics and lots more. Their customer service is very good, and their packages ship really fast.
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Just dropping back in to add that for precious and semiprecious stone beads, the Supplies section of Etsy is actually pretty good. I've found things there that even Fire Mountain didn't carry, and for very reasonable prices.
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And for something a little different... see my profile.
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I have dealt with Shipwreckbeads, they are fast and good. Also, Fire Mountain.
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Seconding Rio Grande.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Etsy. The search function takes a little getting used to, but you can find some very neat things there.
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I'll just come in to support Rio Grande. The customer service/support is literally astounding.

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I believe Rio Grande only sells "to the trade". Could the poster buy from them if making jewelry/beading is a hobby and not a business for her?
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Response by poster: I actually plan on making this a business venture. I just want to get better at it and learn the market more before I dive in.
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Yeah, they do sell "to the trade," but I think* they're fairly loose about that. You just have to register with them and if you explain what you're doing I think they'll be satisfied.

Like I said, they're very nice and helpful, so they'd be happy to explain exactly what you need.

*I wasn't the one who set up out account.
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