Streaming/downloadable audio?
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What's a good 3rd party service for streaming/downloadable audio?

I'd like to post the podcast I am working on to my website. Currently, I use a flash player, but (A) it is difficult for others to easily upload new files and (B) there is no built in download feature.

I have found Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but neither of them seem quite right. Soundcloud is good, but it's not free and if I'm going to pay I'd like some more options. Bandcamp is great, but there is a 305 megabyte limit per file (and since the files have to be wavs that's definitely not large enough.)

I'm willing to spend money on this (although I'd go with free). The most important features are:

(A) Embeddable player for streaming and downloading
(B) No file size limit (or at least a large limit)

Please help, Metafilter!
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libsyn (which costs money) specializes in podcast hosting. It's popular and looks like a good deal.

As for an embeddable player, there are plenty of free flash players that will play any MP3 you are already hosting. Maybe someone with podcasting experience will recommend one.
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Why do they have to be wavs? You'll save a lot of money on bandwidth and headaches by going with mp3.
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Sorry, that was confusing. I just meant that bandcamp forces you to upload wavs. The files I upload can be any format.
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