I need me an accountant, stat!
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I need a non-judgemental accountant in the Boston area. Preferably Cambridge!

Posting anonymously because it's personal! My finances are a disaster. I've got potential tax drama and I need a professional to help me sort it out before it gets out of control. I need an accountant who is familiar with Massachusetts and California tax law, and who won't make me feel like any more of a dolt than I already do for being in the mess I'm in now.

Cambridge is better, but I'm willing to go a bit out of my way for the right person, as long as they are in the greater Boston area.

Major bonus points for someone who can also help me plan my finances better in the future.
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I have no idea how familiar she is with California law, but Diane O'Brien is awesome and non-judgmental. She works with lots of people in the arts, many of whom have complicated tax issues they aren't good at resolving on their own.
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I definitely can't make any personal recommendations, but any professional CPA/tax advisor should, as a matter of their professional ethics, treat you with respect and act non-judgmental throughout your interactions with them, from top to bottom. If for no other reason than the more screwed up your taxes are, the better to keep them employed and to prove themselves as trusted. They're to offer qualified advice and suggestions, but passing judgment would be unprofessional and unbecoming in that environment.

Put another way, they see it all the time, and no one stays in business as an asshole accountant, except for masochists and people who need Suze Orman-style tough love. Ask around (like you're doing) for some good personal recommendations, but don't worry about the judgment side of things. They know better than that.
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Dave Prothero

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I have had good experiences with Feenan Income Tax Associates. I know Quincy is a far cry from Cambridge, but it is on the Red Line, and we've been doing business with them via mail and phone calls, no office visits necessary, for years. They are knowledgeable, and I have never experienced even a whiff of them being judgmental. Good luck!
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