Help me find recording by Lera Auerbach
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Where can I find a recording of Lera Auerbach's Dialogues on Stabat Mater for sale? Last November, I went to a performance of Watch Her at the National Ballet. I love the accompanying music, Lera Auerbach's Dialogues on Stabat Mater, but I can't find it for sale anywhere. Amazon doesn't list it, and neither does iTunes or anywhere else as far as I can tell. Her website doesn't list it in her discography, but some recording must exist!

I've been streaming it off her website, and I imagine that the ballet company had a recording for rehearsals. Does anyone here have any leads?

Bonus question: Are there any other contemporary composers or pieces I should check out that are similar? I'm not sure how to specify what I like about Dialogues on Stabat Mater except to say that I enjoy the uncanniness of it. It feels familiar and strange at the same time..
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