I miss cloves. Are the online stores legit?
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Now that clove cigarettes have been banned in the United States, are there specific online shops that are legit? A few sites seem above board, but I'd like to hear any experiences you may have had.

There was a less specific question similar to this one a while back, but I'm looking for specific sites that, if possible, can be verified as not scams.

Based upon the results of that previous questions, I want to make a few qualifications. I am not interested in 1) rolling my own, 2) smoking menthol cigarettes, 3) being to told to stop smoking.

This isn't a huge deal; I used to smoke maybe half a pack of cloves in a month. But I do miss the occasional smoke.
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Keep in mind that many retailers are still selling clove cigars under the logic that cigarettes must have paper wrapping, while cigars have a tobacco one.

I've bought them recently in Rhode Island and I really couldn't tell any difference with between the two styles. Same size, same taste.

This issue about cigars vs. cigarettes is currently disputed and the feds may stop it all soon, so act while you can.
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Response by poster: Sadly, gabrielsamoza, Maryland had banned cloves well before the Feds did, and I believe that ban applies to the cigar-loophole cloves as well. I'm not sure if I'm willing to go traipsing around Delaware yet. This is why my focus in online.
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If it makes any difference, you can definitely get them in DC, at least at the liquor store next to the Blockbuster at 18th and Columbia. Just saw them for sale three days ago.
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Best answer: Speaking from personal experience: Customs and Homeland Security are opening a LOT more international mail than they used to. If they open your package and find cloves, they're going to confiscate them.

Technically, you're supposed to be able to order cigarettes internationally for personal use as long as you pay the appropriate taxes and duties. In practice, Customs will seize whatever they catch, send you a stern letter, and you'll never see those cigs again. I ordered from that same site, actually, and my cartons were taken. All I got after filling out forms and writing letters was an offer to export them back out at my own expense.

tl;dr: If you're going to order, order from a place that promises to refill/refund seized orders. They're more expensive, but definitely worth the risk.
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after the ban i'm still able to find clove "cigars" (they look exactly like the old cigarettes, just a wee thicker) in chicago.
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as others above have said - they are still available, just now called "cigars". the price is higher tho...
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, but as I mentioned, I'm aware that you can get the loophole-cigars; I also live in Maryland, where you cannot. I'm looking for specific sites that, if possible, can be verified as not scams.
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