Mythical and legendary costumes
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Myths & Legends: Costume idea help please!

I'm going to a fancy dress/costume party in less than 24 hours and I need help from the hive mind! The theme: Myths & Legends. I have nothing.

Additional challenge: We've been getting a lot of unexpected snow and mobility is limited. I can get simple items from say a grocery store or clothing store but no good craft stores nearby. We do have a costume store but they don't really have anything that falls under the theme.

I'm Asian and about 5' 3" and normal weight range. My fiance is dressing up as William Wallace (he's Scottish :P). Any suggestions are really appreciated!!!
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Given the shortage of time and resources, the fastest thing might be to wear a long dress, make a sword wound, white makeup and go as the ghost of William Wallace's mythical wife.

Even better, if your fiance has fake guts spilling out then both of you can go as post-mortem legends.
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I once went to a similar party as Hephaestus, Greek God of fire. All you need is some black face paint, a long apron, and a big hammer. Not sure how well it would work as a small Asian female, but I thought I'd toss it out there.

(I am assuming you're female, please forgive me if you're not.)
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You could be yuka onna from Japanese mythology- it would fit in with the snowy setting:
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excuse the typo: Yuki onna (snow woman)
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You could wear a toga/gown (or anything warm enough that still looks vaguely Greek), strap some rubber snakes to your head, and go as Medusa. That could be a lot of fun if you like theatrical makeup too.
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I have friends who put on a themed costume party for New Year's every year for the past 15. Myths & Legends was number three, I think. The ones I can remember: Sid & Nancy, Nabakov & Lolita, Marilyn Monroe, lots of togas, fairies, princesses, a leprechaun, etc.
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Response by poster: So I went as Mulan (an answer that was gobbled up during db maintenance) because it was the easiest to throw together from what I already had (used a blue pillowcase for an obi, red belt, green cardi, yellow tank top). I thought it was passable but no one knew who I was! My fiance told me it was because people were probably just a little too old to have watched Mulan when it came out (which actually says something about me because I'm even older than most of them) but c'est la vie. I won't even mark mine as best answer but just for posterity's sake. Thanks everyone!
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