If I was there, I'd hit Times Square and take the pics myself. So this will have to do.
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I'm looking for portraits of stereotypical New Yorkers but Getty, Flickr, Picasaweb are all failing me. Where do I find these iconic faces of the Big Apple

I'm looking for shots of New Yorkers with attitude. Unfortunately the stereotype seems to have more exceptions than rules as far as my web searching goes. Is there a site of just, I dunno, NY faces? I'm sure it's a longshot but I need taxicab drivers, cops, pushcart vendors, tough chicks, extras from Jersey Shore and the like and so far I can't seem to find it.
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I really like anomalous NYC on flickr, s/he has some amazing photos of New Yorkers. There are hundreds and hundreds. (The 'I Am Thinking Of You' set breaks my heart.)
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The Sartorialist takes lots of pictures of what I think of as stereotypical Manhattanites (that is, people who can afford to live in Manhattan). Lots of attitude, not so much with the push-cart vendors, though.
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Philip-Lorca DiCorcia's Heads
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You're looking for street photography. Link is to the flickr intersting page for the search, but I would be shocked if you can't find the shots you're looking for.
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A couple of good ones here: Faces of New Yorkers
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Bruce Gilden's A Beautiful Catastrophe has some interesting portraits.
Here is a link to the Magnum page.
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Google has a Life Magazine Photo Archive search engine, which might be a resource worth trying.

Also, I saw some of Irving Penn's "Small Trades" photographs at a recent Getty Museum exhibit and there were some pretty neat portraits of NYC street sweepers, bakers, butchers, the whole lot. You might find something there that would fit what you're looking for. The Getty Museum link has a good slideshow of the photos.
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Try Shorpy.com
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The Photdiarist is quite excellent.
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Make that The Photodiarist.

stupid fingers
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The New York Times has a photo archive online.
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New York magazine has the Look Book.
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