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Where can I get my picture taken in this specific and hilarious fashion?

Example here. Is this something I could do myself? Or is it possible to go somewhere and have it done in the Toronto/Ontario area?
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Most photo studios would be able to do this for you - this was actually a very *popular* style for school portraits in the 80's - I should know, my parents still have one that looks like this hanging in their place. ;)

Without any knowledge of photography, lighting, or Photoshop, it would be tough to do on your own... but if you (or someone you know) has those skills, you could probably DIY for a lot cheaper.

Good luck!
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Here is a whole set of photos like that on Flickr--maybe they can give you some instructions/tips.
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Any photo studio. Try Sears - they have examples like this. Most people don'tmake funny faces like Will though.
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This post was about the same types of photos.
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It would be so awesome if there was one of these where the floating face was glaring down at the face/torso shot, who in turn was cowering in fear.
(Sorry I can't give any actual practical advice, other than this is probably not too hard if you have Photoshop, good lighting, and a black background...)
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One of the guys in the Flickr pool posted a little tutorial (scroll down the page a bit to the photoshop screenshots). His is a bit dimly lit for my taste, but the general instructions seem about right.
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The photo studio at College and Ossington (on College, just east of Ossington) has pictures like that in the window.

Actually, they are confirmation pictures and instead of the subject of the photo being echoed all glowy in the top right of the shot, it's Jesus. I figure if they can get Jesus to pose there, they can put you there.
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I don't live in Toronto any more but when I lived there I used to walk around my neighborhood a lot and there are several small photographer's studios where they featured those type of portraits in the windows. They are very popular for first communion type photos. Sometimes they have the variation where it's a photo of Jesus (probably just a Jesus impersonator) as the inset photo looking down at the subject.

Sorry I don't have any specific studios, but you can look for ones on Dundas West and College street around Dufferin, ones with Portuguese names would probably be good to check into.
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Anyone who has ever used studio lighting should be able to do that in like 5 minutes. Actually, in my studio 101 class our first portrait assignment was shooting one of those terribly cheesy 'high school photo' images as a technical exercise. I say just find some student, people at my school shot ironic take-offs on these types of images all the time.

I don't know if places like Sears are a good idea because usually the camera, lights, etc. are all set up by someone else and the $8/hour employee just pushes the button.
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