why do i sweat when i'm not hot
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Why are my armpits dripping sweat when i'm not hot?

when i sit around unclothed, often my armpits will just start pouring sweat - like enough for actual drops to roll down my arms/side. i feel like i'm at a comfortable temperature.

i am not a sweaty person by default. when i exercise or have sex i'm only ever covered in a sort of misted dew, never actual drops or accumulation. the only corresponding physical sensation is that my feet feel cool, but when i touch them they don't actually feel cold (as in, if i sit here and concentrate on my feet, the seem chilly, but to the touch they're just as warm as my knees and shoulders). if i put on socks, the problem gets better (i sweat less) but doesn't go away.

this happens a few times a week.

if it matters, i'm female, 28, curvy and soft (5'10, 190lbs, 36d-38dd)
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Hyperhydrosis. The antiperspirant Certain Dri helps a lot.
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Hyperhydrosis! Get a prescription for drysol and it'll go away! (I have it too)
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if it were Hyperhydrosis wouldn't i also be excessively sweating during normal sweaty times (like exercise or sex)?
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I had wettest pits until began using Drysol about 9 years ago. I used it every other day for about a month, then every week for a few more months. Now I don't even have to use antiperspirant. I can sit in a sauna and stew in my own sweat for hours and my pits will stay bone dry. Drysol is amazing.
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BTW, I ordered Drysol from a Canadian online pharmacy because it is (or was) OTC up there.
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if it were Hyperhydrosis wouldn't i also be excessively sweating during normal sweaty times (like exercise or sex)?

Not necessarily. I have hyperhydrosis and I have exactly the symptoms you describe: sweaty pits and sweaty bare feet. I don't drip sweat during sex or exercise unless I'm REALLY outrageously exerting myself.
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Here's the stuff. A small bottle will last you a long time.
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Does anybody know if Drysol is wearable with delicate clothing? I'd love to wear a stronger anti-persperant/deodorant but I'm too scared that it will damage my (not cheap) nice clothing. I already have some shirts that are damaged with deodorant stains.
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Elminster24, I haven't worn Drysol specifically but if it's like any of the other strong (20%) anti-persperants I've worn you apply it at night and wash it off in the morning. It can't stain your clothing (unless you're worried about your jimmy-jams) cos it doesn't touch it.
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Before washing, spray the underarms of your shirts with a water/white vinegar mixture (about 50/50 is fine). It won't remove set in stains but prevents new ones. I've been doing this for years and it hasn't messed up a single shirt, and has saved most of them.

Also as goo says, most industrial-strength antiperspirants are meant to be worn at night, not during the day. DO NOT shave before applying!
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Another vote for Certain Dri, and I found cutting back my caffeine/other stimulant intake helped a lot as well.
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Does it happen right after you take off your clothes or get out of the shower? Maybe your metabolism is briefly revving up as you acclimate to the temperature change.
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no - it seems to happen after a few hours of sitting around naked, like playing videogames or poking at the internet - totally sedentary. this happens in all seasons (so whether the a/c or heater is on or off).

and really, besides this, i just don't sweat very much. all other sweating i do can be described as a mist or a dew besides in the dead of summer in the middle of texas i'll get sweaty behind my knees and between my boobs, but that's it.
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For whatever it's worth, I'm a guy and the same thing happens to me. If I wear a cotton t-shirt, no armpit sweat. If I go shirtless or if I wear anything polyester, I get sweaty armpits.

So, I never take my shirt off.
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I would say this is perfectly normal. I'm a guy with different body proportions then you, and I experience the same thing. It just happens sometimes when I have my shirt off, and I don't have problems otherwise. I wouldn't even call it excessive when it happens, it's just an odd biological reaction that you're body does all the time in small ways.
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