Suggest some good web-based or DVD-based guitar lessons for a beginner!
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What's the best non-in-person way to learn guitar? I'm looking for either web-based lessons or a DVD.

So, I've been fiddling with guitar for a few months now. I'm generally dexterous enough to play chords without any kind of uncomfortability and I've even written a few little songs. But I'd really like to take some lessons- I'm someone who does very well with a "By next Tuesday you MUST be able to do X!" kind of thing.

While I agree that lessons from a serious professional are probably best, my busy schedule and income kind of prohibit me from pursuing them. I'm also a very bad person to try and teach, I learn in a strange way that mostly frustrates those teaching me.

So!: I'm looking for web-based or DVD-based lessons. I don't mind paying out a bit, I'm just looking for suggestions from people who have used those lessons . They all look kind of the same to me, I was wondering if there was any kind of consensus on which one was the best. Lessons that give something very clear to practice and achieve are best.

If it matters, I think I'm most interested in blues guitar. I really like lead more than rhythm.

Suggest away!
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Best answer: Youtube has plenty of guitar lessons.

Justin Sandercoe has lots of good lessons, but you can also search for whatever song is stuck in your head, coupled with the word "tutorial" or "lesson".
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Best answer: I've been very pleased with some of the video lessons on YouTube:

Justin Sandercoe
Next Level Guitar
Guitar Jamz Dot com
Siggi Mertenz

As surenoproblem said, there are tons of others, ranging from bad to great. Sometimes seeing somebody play the song I'm trying to learn is all I need even if they're not a great teacher.

I'm not big into blues, but the best thing I've found in that area is Blues You can Use (a book, not a video) and its sequels.

Oh, here's another one: Chuck Daloia's Blues with Brains - I bought Part I and it's excellent, available on DVD or download. You'll need a basic knowledge of blues chords/scales (see the book above) for it to make sense, but it's a great look at how to improvise blues lead without following the same boring scales.
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Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, and I have no experience with it, but I recently discovered that Garageband for Mac has a series of guitar lessons.
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You can find lots of good instructional DVDs at Homespun Tapes.
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Best answer: As an inexpensive adjunct to your not-in-person lessons, I will add that you can learn an awful lot by watching others play in person — even outside of a formal training session.

You can do this pretty inexpensively, for example, by standing near the stage at a local bar when there's a live band playing, going to a university classical guitar recital or even watching a street performer (be sure to toss a couple of bucks in the guitar case).
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Response by poster: Tomwheeler-

That's how I learned half of what I know. I LOVE to watch people play guitar, it's totally mesmerizing. Thanks for the suggestion!
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When possible, don't just watch other guitarists: video them. They'll probably take it as a compliment and you'll have something to take home and play over and over until you know exactly what their fingers did to get that sound you liked.
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Response by poster: FYI: I've been using Justin's lessons for above a week and a half now and I'm finding them really useful.
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