Do you know the lyrics to this song?
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I heard a song on the radio station JJJ with some lyrics that sounded to me like this: "We go out in the coco fire, never ever coco liar". It is more than possible that these lyrics have been woefully mangled. It was a guy singing. If you know what this is could you tell me please?

I heard this song on JJJ the other week. I don't know whether it's an old song or a new one, but I felt like I'd heard it before. Anyway, I really liked it and one little part of it has been haunting me ever since so I'd love to listen to it in full again.

I am about to reveal my complete ignorance of musical tablature here, but the notes in my head go aa g gg cc b a aa cc ff ed (I tried to find an online keyboard to record it on but couldn't find one that would record it in real time with the spaces between notes put in as played, plus also it would have sounded like shit because I can't play).
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Response by poster: Duh! My question isn't actually 'do you know the lyrics to this song?' but 'do you know the name of this song, who sings it and could you possibly provide me with a link to youtube while you're at it, please?'
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Best answer: Could be 'Blackout' by a band called The Cloud Room. This song mentions 'cold, cold fire' and 'cold, cold liar', which may be what was actually being sung. Couldn't find it on Youtube.
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Best answer: According to this, it's Blackout by The Cloud Room. Here's a link. Sure sounds like it.
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Best answer: On preview, what eatyourcellphone said: The Cloud Room - Blackout!.

I didn't find a vid for it on YouTube either.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I knew I should have asked this question a week ago.. yer so speedy!
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On preview, what eatyourcellphone said

But only you, treblemaker, included the all-important exclamation mark. It's not 'Blackout' as I said, but the much more exciting 'Blackout!'
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Response by poster: I'm a big fan of the exclamation mark which only makes the song dearer to me!
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