Looking to add more kick (bass) to my Honda Civic 2008 EX but don't know where to look.
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Looking to add more kick (bass) to my Honda Civic 2008 EX but don't know where to look.

I'm a bass-enthusiast but not in a sense where the car shakes and annoys everyone around me. Rather, I really enjoy dubstep, trip-hop and even good old melodic death metal or any other genre that has bitchin-bass lines.

My Honda Civic 2008 EX came with a factory sound system which is pretty damn good, but I would really like to add a subwoofer or possibly just better speakers.

Would Sears be the proper place to check this out or should I go to a smaller shop and do it there? Any online links would be helpful, I am not sure what type of a new setup I need that is compatible with my car.

Much thanks and a happy new year to all!
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Lots of DIY info out there, but in general I would suggest getting a 6in Powered Bazooka and tapping into the rear speakers.
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I recommend a tube subwoofer as well. However, there's really no need to get all spendy with a Bazooka. JC Whitney has some good prices on Pyle powered tube subwoofers.

I've been using a no name powered tube sub from JC Whitney for over 20 years & get compliments on the sound to this day.
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I have found the online help agents at Crutchfield to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
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Best answer: I'll second Crutchfield - yes, there are cheaper places to buy stuff out there, but they really do have the support in place. A good local shop would be an excellent alternative, but a lot of times you're going to get a bit more pressure. Crutchfield has agents available on the toll-free line, and in online chat that will basically let you tell them what you want to do, and recommend how to do it. They can give you all the information you need to do the job yourself, or help find somewhere that can do the install, and sell you prepaid installation. The best thing I've ever gotten from Crutchfield (and I've just realized I've been buying stuff from them since highschool and that's 20 years now, god I feel old) is the impression that they're not price-conscious. They're not going to recommend a pricier solution just because they get more money for it. They generally seem to like keeping customers around instead of making a quick buck. Even if you decide to go to a local shop, you'll have a better understanding of how what you want can be done in your car.

Also, Sears is rarely the place to look for anything requiring specialized knowledge. even the helpful Craftsman dudes are getting replaced.
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Best answer: Also along the lines of Bazooka: Infinity Basslink

Note that these are powered subs (amplifier and sub in one enclosure) that will draw power from your battery. So if you do this yourself you'll have to find out how to get power to your trunk from your battery, how to fasten the sub to the chassis and how to tap into the stereo. You can always piece something together at Crutchfield then do google product searches for better prices.

A local shop could also possibly cut you a deal on a combo of a sub/standard box/amplifier, but these will most likely be larger and uglier, and in a Civic space is truly at a premium. If you search around some forums or Crutchfield you may even find something that's custom molded to fit your model of car (say between the rear wheel and trunk lid on the side of the trunk), but these will be pricier.
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