New Years Eve - Health Symbol?
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New Year's Eve is here and in the four hours away it will be 2010. I have no greenery in the house, what should I use instead?

Tradition of first footing, greenery was supposed to symbolise health - so what readily alternatives do you suggest?

So far: Lemons, Olive Oil, ???
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If you want greenery, go to the grocery store and pick up some greens: celery, parsley, herbs ...
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Response by poster: yeh, they are all closed now though. it has to be things in the home
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Okay. Do you have any frozen veggies?
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Petrol stations are still open and often have flowers for sale (at least they do where I live).
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Do you have a pair of garden shears (or really strong scissors)? I'd just snip something off of a tree or shrub that looks pretty.
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Best answer: Do you have a yard? Newspaper? You could lay the newspapers over the dirt (creating a good compost/soil start months later)...the promise of greenery in the new decade?

I think in this case, green is a concept, a state of mind. It symbolizes doing something healthy, which doesn't necessarily have to be tied to a color. But hell, even posting on the green is a good start! But you could do other things, a list written in green or on green paper, or lacking that, the idea of "greenness" manifested elsewhere. Lemons are a great idea. They're incredibly healthy, and serve as a disinfectant, plus a million other uses. Check out this recent post, including new things to do with lemons, olive oil, newspapers and other household items.

(If you have some green herbs, I would do the thing you would normally do with 'em, and let that be your start.)
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Best answer: Disinfectant quality of lemon...why espressos were traditionally served with a lemon clean the rim of the cup before drinking. A nice addition to some green tea perhaps?
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Response by poster: Liking the backing up of the lemons as I have four organic unwaxed lemons in the back. Also liking the green concept....

So in my hand come 12 will be:

piece of bread made by my Dad



and some lemons

Any other ideas gracefully accepted.
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Where is this stuff customary? I have never ever heard of this custom and I am curious.
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Response by poster: In the UK, but I think we have taken traditions from all over the world and made them ours. Kind of the British way, in a positive way!
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For others like St. Alia and I who are unaware:

The Door Custom

In the old days, the New Year started with a custom called 'first footing', which was suppose to bring good luck to people for the coming year. As soon as midnight had passed and January 1st had started, people used to wait behind their doors for a dark haired person to arrive. The visitor carried a piece of coal, some bread, some money and some greenery. These were all for good luck - the coal to make sure that the house would always be warm, the bread to make sure everyone in the house would have enough food to eat, money so that they would have enough money, and the greenery to make sure that they had a long life.

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