Where are the best pouch foods in NYC?
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Where can I get the best "pouch foods" in New York City? I'm looking for anything involving ingredients sealed in some kind of dough: dumplings, samosas, pierogies, empanadas, etc. Suggestions welcome for all five boroughs.
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Well, as New York's most Polish neighborhood, Greenpoint has all the pierogies you can stand. Get off the G train at Nassau Ave and work your way north. There are several small restaurants along Manhattan Avenue near there that are serving what you're looking for.
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DUB Pies in Brooklyn, by the 15th Street F stop -- oh-so-savory gourmet meat pies with flaky tender crusts!
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Investigate Japanese mochi (my favourite kind are about 2 inches in diameter and look like this) and Korean tteok (I like this kind, which is filled with syrup). Most Korean and Japanese grocery stores will carry them, and the quality is probably fairly consistent.
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Soup dumplings! Soup dumplings! Joe's Shanghai is great, and I've heard great things about Nice Green Bo. You haven't had a "pouch food" until you've had these dumplings.

Samosas at the NY Dosas cart. Masala Dosa at Saravanaas.

I have heard good things about Christie's Jamaican Patties but cannot vouch for their quality.

I have also heard good things about Mandoo Bar in Ktown but cannot vouch for their quality either.
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Boiled seafood dumplings and the pork and leak dumplings at the above mentioned Green Bo are great. The atmosphere though is about as enjoyable as an ER.
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Christie's beef patties are awesome. Try one sandwiched between to slices of coco bread.
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Veselka is well know for their perogies, and I've enjoyed every meal I've had there.
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Excellent Dumpling House at Canal and Lafayette
Vanessa's at Eldridge and Grand (dumplings)
The Dumpling Man on St. Marks is delicious, but overpriced
don't go to Yonah Schimmel's for knishes -- only time I went there, they warmed my knish up in a MICROWAVE
Siam Square in Riverdale has amazing Thai street food, and I believe that much of it was pouch-oriented
Cafe Mogador on St Marks has bastillas, awesome Moroccan pouch food
2nding Veselka
Hampton Chutney Company at Prince and Crosby has wonderful Dosas, although the place has kind of a "chain" feel

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Seconding the Shanghai soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. If the wait's too long for you, I'd also recommend the soup dumplings at A Taste of Shanghai which is also located in Flushing and is not too far of a walk away. Soo good..

If you're interested in buying regular Chinese dumplings in say, a pack of 50, there's this little dumpling place across the narrow street from the Starbucks and the main Flushing library that will sell them to you $11 for 50 frozen dumplings.
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Check out Cheburechnaya in Queens for their Bukharan-style food, which includes (of course!) chebureki, a kind of fried dumpling.
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Seconding Excellent Dumpling House. For empanadas, there's a cart (or had been for a long time as of 2 years ago) at 13th St and 5th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Man, I miss the empanada lady!
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Respectfully disagree on Yonah Schimmel - I think that's a convection oven, and anyway, the knishes are delicious (mmm, poetry).

Mandoo Bar is good; I like the kimchi mandoo there.

Tuck Shop on 1st St at 2nd has respectable Australian meat pies and sausage rolls.

There's a woman who usually sells very nice tamales outside the Mexican Embassy on 39th b/w Madison and Park. I'm sure there are many other good tamale options if you open up to the five boroughs.

The burek at Djerdan on 38th west of 7th is good.

In another direction the beef cheek ravioli at Babbo is nice...
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Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in Chelsea was quite good.
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Go to one of the many bakeries in Chinatown and look for the dough balls about 3" in diameter and covered with sesame seeds. Make sure they are the ones filled with red bean paste. I've never figured out their proper name, I just ask for "sesame seed balls". Delicious.
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I don't even live in NYC and I've been to the very good Caracas Arepas Bar.
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Some of the cheapest and best dumplings I've ever had in NYC were at Prosperity Dumpling (yelp here). Three seat hole in the wall, kind of out of the way but really really good.
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Empanada Mama in Hell's Kitchen is good, get the guava and cheese as your last one.
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Does a Mac & Cheese "Kroket" from Bamm count? I was amazed at the way their seem capsular integrity yielded to mac&cheesy deliciousness in my mouth with every bite when I was visiting there two years ago.
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Tibetan momos must be on any dumpling tour. Tsampa (East Village) is my go-to, but I have heard rumors of an amazing Tibetan place in Ditmas Park.

Don't forget Italian arancini, for which I recommend Tre.
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re: Good Brain's suggestion of Bamn, that place closed a year or two ago.

I'm partial to the dumplings at Vanessa's/Dumpling House, and cannot stress enough the excellence of the arepas at Caracas. The Brooklyn location is bigger, less crowded, takes reservations, has great drinks, and the arepas have seemed less greasy to me. Not sure if they meet your criteria, though, as they're not sealed inside the shell, just stuffed in. Pierogies, try Streecha for a slightly different experience than Veselka.

They're the only samosas I've ever had, so I can't speak to their real quality, but I've always enjoyed the ones from Punjabi.. everything is super cheap there as well.
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Also, this thread may be of interest, if you haven't seen it!
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EMPANADA MAMA (and the guava-cheese)
EXCELLENT DUMPLING HOUSE (with a cold sesame noodle chaser)
Yum yum yum.
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Does a Mac & Cheese "Kroket" from Bamm count? I was amazed at the way their seem capsular integrity yielded to mac&cheesy deliciousness in my mouth with every bite when I was visiting there two years ago.

Sadly, Bamm is long gone.
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Skip Dumpling Man and St. Marks and try Marco Polo Cafe a few doors down. Really great pan-seared Shanghai dumplings amongst other things. Plus I got food poisoning at Dumpling Man :(
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