Party for a preggo?
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My husband and I are looking for New Year's Eve suggestions in Manhattan. Oh, and I'm 9 months pregnant. Thanks!
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Well, what do you and your husband enjoy doing? There are a ton of activities going on, but we can direct you better knowing some of your interests and things you like/dislike first.
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Times Sq! If you go into labor that's the best place to be considering all the cops and paramedics on duty that night.
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Times Square isn't exactly a great place to go if there's any chance at all that you'd need to pee.
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True. I was thinking along the lines of one of the indoor parties in the vicinity. But tickets for those probably sold out months ago anyway.
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the 92y tribeca's sparkle new year's eve variety show sounds like a lot of fun and is just $15 each. the 92y tribeca tends to draw a really nice, mellow but fun crowd.
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9 months pregnant? Easy: have the first baby born in NYC in 2010.
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Try to squeeze it out early and get the 2009 tax break! You know, the usual... walking/jogging/castor oil/sex/spicy food. Not necessarily in that order.

(My wife is also 9 months pregnant - due Monday, and we were crossing our fingers for that side-benefit, but alas, it's not looking likely).
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