microsoft office volume licensing
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how do i buy a microsoft office for the mac volume license?

I need to buy 10 microsoft office licenses for macs for my small non-profit. When I get into the the interface on the microsoft site, they refer me to 407 value added resellers. None of the web sites for those VARs suggests that they sell volume licenses. I sent e-mails to 3 of them and they don't respond.

Has any one been able to buy volume licenses for microsoft office for a small business? If so, who did you work with?
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Dell can help you with this. Call the number for small-mid business and talk to someone on the phone. Skip the website entirely.
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I'm pretty sure my workplace uses PCConnection / MacConnection for this. See here.
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Oh, and just in case you haven't done this before, the way it works is a bit strange:

You'll contact a reseller. They'll work out a price with you, you pay them.

They'll send you an e-mail with a PDF attachment that includes an agreement number.

You'll go to and create a Passport account if you don't already have one. Once signed in you'll go to the licensing center area and add the agreement number to your account.

You'll then go to the media download area where you can download the software disc image. You'll also see a bunch of other software available. Just download the one that matches your license key.

In another section you'll find your volume-license key to use during the installations.

The whole thing is very disjointed and poorly explained. In the past week or two has been reported down on several tech websites, so if you have trouble it might not just be you.
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If you are a non-profit in the United States, you should contact TechSoup for this. Not only can they easily get you setup, but at a tremendously lower price.
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I also suggest tech soup .we use them here at the library and 50 office 2007 professional plus licenses cost us like $400 in total.

At tech soup its $16 for each mac office 2008 license you get.

You have to be a non profit and be able to prove it to get stuff from there though. is good also
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I second CDW.. their sales people are amazing. (I can't believe I'm saying that.)
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A 3rd plug for CDW.
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IIRC the VLA pricing should take into account ALL your microsoft products. So for example you have 10 PC's running MS office you would qualify for the 20 piece price when buying the Mac software. you may have to convert the 10 PC's to a VLA, but in the long run it is worth it not to have to deal with multiple serial numbers. Also don't forget to look into Adobe VLA pricing too. Acrobat, Photoshop, CS all adds up to savings.
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