Help a secular Muslim celebrate Christmas in Boston
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Christmas in Boston - where to go to Mass, where to volunteer?

I'm not Christian (and don't really celebrate Christmas in the secular sense), but I've always wanted to attend Christmas Mass - with curiosity of what it's like, but of course with respect. Where in (T-accessible) Boston can one sit in on Mass Christmas Eve? Do any local churches hold particularly beautiful or interesting services?

Also, do you know of any places that are seeking volunteers or an extra pair of hands on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day? While everything else is closed and shut down, what can I do with my time besides just hanging out at home?
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I grew up going to St. Mary's in Brookline (5 min walk from the C line stop at Brookline Village), and I highly recommend it - it's one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen.
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Trinity Church has a choice of three lovely services in a beautiful historic church.

The Church of the Advent has four services to choose from. Also a gorgeous church, with excellent music.

Pine Street Inn always needs help around Christmas: call their volunteer coordinator at 617-892-9185.
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Oops, I meant the "D" line above, not "C" line. The midnight mass at St. Mary's is lovely.
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Haley House may be able to use volunteers.
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St. Paul's in Cambridge was my church when I lived there (and was still Catholic). They have a wonderful boys choir.
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In my experience, organizations often have more volunteers than they need on Christmas, so call around tomorrow to see who can use anyone else... A lot of places have lists in place that are full for months ahead - not everywhere, but it's harder than you might think to find a last minute "something to do" volunteering gig in a lot of big cities.
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