Fave (tube) dual-channel mic-pre for less than $1k?
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RecordingFilter: Favorite warm mic pre-amp for vocals & other stuff under $1k?

I've had a Demeter H-series dual channel tube mic pre for years, and while it worked I loved it. However, it's had to have an unusual amount of service compared to number of years I've owned it, and although I think Demeter makes great sounding pre's, I do not want to pay them any more to keep trying to fix what seems like the same problem it's had the last 3 times I sent it in. So I give up. Instead I'm looking for something comparable in terms of sound quality. I know questions like this have been asked before, but I don't think they were aiming for quite the same range of mic pre I've been looking for in terms of quality.

I don't care if it has usb or not (I have a Pro Tools hw rig), and it should have XLR & line inputs with metering & phantom power. I have been a big fan of tube pre's for a while now, especially for vocals. It's not that the price is important per se, just that the last time I did comparative listening was at least 6 or 7 years ago, and the ones I liked were in the $800+ range. Naturally if there's something that is crazy awesome that is cheap and sounds good, bring it on.

Also if it matters, I probably won't use it very frequently (maybe a few couple hour days of use every couple of months, or less). I realize that the frequency of the usage may not affect how frequently a piece of tube gear needs repair (vs. just sitting around) but I've always had the feeling some gear is designed to be more of a 'workhorse' than others.

Thanks RecordingFites!
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Best answer: Naturally if there's something that is crazy awesome that is cheap and sounds good, bring it on.

The Electroharmonix 12-AY7 is shockingly good for the price. The Hamptone HVTP2 is extremely well-regarded, but I've never personally used one. Also, the Chandler. FMR Audio's RNP is about $500 I think, and two of them fit in a rack together.
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Best answer: Ask at gearslutz.com

They will have the answer.
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