How to use the full version of Google Translate from an iPhone
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How can I use the normal web version of Google Translate from my iPhone? It's automatically redirecting me to their iPhone-optimized version, which doesn't have all the options I need.

The two things that make it completely useless for me are that, as far as I can tell:

1. Not all languages are supported (Hebrew is the one I need); and
2. Translating a full page by pasting its URL isn't supported.

Which would be fine with me, if I could just use their normal non-iPhone-optimized site, but it automatically redirects me to the iPhone version, which is really annoying me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...and apologies if this is a stupid question; I'm an iPhone newbie. :)
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The only way I know of if the site doesn't have a "View Full/Original" version is to jailbreak. Sites direct you to the mobile version based on your browser's user agent. UAFaker is available in Cydia if you jailbreak.
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I don't have an iPhone and I haven't used the Google site you're referring to. However, I do have a Blackberry and I can force it to visit a website in its normal (non-mobile-optimized) version by disabling the use of style sheets. Its an option in the browser on my BB. Perhaps the iPhone has a similar option?
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