Where can I buy beard care products in New York?
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Where can I buy beard care products in New York City?

I'm growing a winter beard, and would like to get some beard care products, as seen on this site. But I hate online shopping (I'm an instant gratification guy) and was hoping I could just swing by some store in the New York City area and pick up some stuff. Do any hairy New Yorkers have a good source for beard conditioners, etc?
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Uhhh...I can't believe I know this, but one of my old roommates used to buy this shit called 'Beard Lube' that came in a real fancy-looking package. They sell it at Chopin Chemists locations (one is on Grand in Wburg, one is Greenpoint, I bet there are others). They sell all kinds of crap like that there.

If you want to stick to Manhattan, I'm sure the OG Kiehls (3rd Ave @~14) has everything you need, plus plenty you don't.
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I'd try the Art of Shaving--there are several locations. Or maybe Zitomers, on the upper east side. Or Bigelows in the village.
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Also, just my two cents--you don't need a special shampoo to wash your beard. I've used my regular shampoo on my beard for 8 years or so, and I am delighted with the resulting sheen and full body. But I'm all for you stimulating the economy, so knock yourself out!
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Yeah, my husband used our regular shampoo on his winter beard for years and years. He used just normal cheap stuff like Suave. It always felt soft and nice...
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Trumans is the finest and totally unique men's grooming club/salon is NYC. Beards is one of their specialties along with products. They are located at 120 East 56th Street.

Here is what they say about themselves:

Truman’s Gentleman’s Groomers was created by three mainstream professional men who grew tired of going to female-centric salons in search of a worthy haircut. They wanted classic services like shaves, shoe shines, and massage at a place where the client was the most important person in the room and the service was provided without an attitude.

Their collective vision bred an entirely novel grooming experience. The Truman's client can expect to be treated to exceptional service, complimentary beverages, and beyond all, quality care.

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Seconding Art of Shaving. I haven't bought any products there - just gotten a shave, at the Bloomingdale's location and at the Madison Ave. location. But they have all kinds of fancy stuff, and pretty knowledgeable people to help you.
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Freeman's has a really cool old timey barber shop in the back with lots of men's grooming products. i'm sure they have beard grooming products. i bought a whole set up for an ex-boyfriend a few years ago and they were very helpful.
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