Where is the BEST place to learn Thai yoga massage?
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I'm a yoga teacher and have long been interested in learning thai yoga massage. 2010 is the year for it! I live "overseas" so will have to travel to take a course and it would have to be an intensive (2 weeks rather than a number of weekends over a period of months for example). I'm boggled by all the options out there ...where in the world to go - who are the best teachers? I'm drawn to Saul David Raye....but would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
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Where overseas? Can you go to Thailand? I took a course at Wat Pho in Bangkok last January for one week and I absolutely loved it. Class was in English as well. Thai people who take the course get a two week version, but of course it's in Thai.

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There are so many places to learn Thai massage both in and out of Thailand, and "best" is subjective. Though you can find many who will be willing to get into pissing matches about it, I would suggest ignoring that.

Find something that appeals to you, seems like it will meet your needs, and fits your schedule.

Here are two places in Chiang Mai. Both offer classes year-round.

International Training Massage School

Classes are scheduled in one week (Monday to Friday) modules. Chonkol Setthakorn and his wife both speak English well. Chongkol was a guest teacher at IPSB, San Diego, and Rick Gold studied with him extensively in Thailand before bringing him to the US.

The Traditional Northern Medicine Hospital. Two classes per month meet daily except for lunar "holidays" at the 4 major moon phases.

Or you can just schedule a visit to Chiang Mai and find a class or teacher once you get there.

MeMail me if you wish.
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I have taken a few classes with Saul, and have friends who have done intensive study with him. He is a very gifted and intuitive teacher, and I'd recommend him highly.
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If you read Norwegian, this is a nice course.
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