gift for drummer who has everything???
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Please help me find a noise making gift to give to a drummer.

my husband is a professional drummer/percussionist who lives, breathes and eats music. he collects anything (and i mean ANYTHING) that makes noise and has literally put it to use. kitchen utensils, decorative metal bowls, children's toys, turkey calls. i would love to come up with something that would surprise him. he just bought himself wind wands, which i was mad about - that would have been the perfect unusual thing. does anyone have any suggestions? i know this is a crazy request. i am too uncreative to come up with anything. :(
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The tiniest triangle possible.
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I know a drummer just like your husband...and in addition to all those things he has some heavy chains that he puts on the drums, holds them in the air to clank together, or drops them on the floor.
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hand bells/desk bells!

lots more
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How about a bunch of old school wooden rulers, sawn to lengths, and affixed to a wooden box with a sturdy clamping rig (like say two big bolts and a piece of wood to go between). ITS A SPROING MACHINE!
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depending on budget - you could get him a theremin (or the kit to build one) theremin world
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maybe a stylophone, featured in this happy video.
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As an amateur drummer I find myself envious of people who are good at tonal instruments (that is, something you could play a melody on). Two instruments I would really love for this purpose are the Hang (very expensive and hard to get) or the Strumstick (better, but still over $100). Steel drums would be awesome too. But all are pretty pricey.
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Lark in the Morning has all sorts of unique instruments, percussion and otherwise.
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Best answer: Electric kalimba?

Electric kalimba demonstration (skip halfway through for the fun noisy possibilities)
Rosario Farm
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Didgeridoo would be so cool. It's on my list!
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Finger Drums

Drum Shirt

USB Drums

Hope this helps.
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He totally wants a vibraslap.
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Drumbone / Backpack Tubulum
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Maybe even better than the Stylophone, for a drummer: the Stylophone Beatbox.

Awesome video here.
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How about varying sizes of test tubes or other closed-end tubes? Stick in a thumb or other finger, thwack it out and it makes that plucking/popping/dripping sound. Different sizes or tubes with differing volumes of liquid can be somewhat tonal and fun to play with.
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And, test tubes, dropped into wooden boxes make neat, breaky sound effects, too.
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A donkey jawbone with loose teeth. I don't know where you'd get it though.
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Try a rain stick. Very neat and unique sound.
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Cheap and kitschy, but how about a frog rasp? It's a little, hollow, wooden frog with a stick that you run along the ridges on the frog's back and it sounds like it's croaking. I brought one back from Thailand for my sister (also a percussionist) and she loved it.

Or--just throwing things out there--a nice conch shell or a shofar?
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I bet he would love a Korg Kaossilator. They are a ton of fun! You can see a video of it in action.
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A rub board!
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If he doesn't already have one......a gourd rattle
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The berimbau looks pretty neat. I am a drummer and I want one.
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Thunder drums are cool.
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Response by poster: you guys have come up with great suggestions!! Lots of them he has (kaossillator, thunder drums, berimbau, donkey jawbone, vibraslap - did I say he collects EVERYTHING?) but I have a question - are a kaossilator and a stylophone almost the same? He is crazy about his kaossilator. I am also intrigued with the ekalimbas as he uses not amplified ones and loves them as well.
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How about a Meinl Drumbal - a wee cymbal to play with on a snare:
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He may already have one, and it may be too expensive, but consider a MalletKAT.
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The manual typewriter (not electric) is an interesting and unusual percussive instrument, if he doesn't already have one. Also, though it is, to me, anyway, pretty expensive, there's the Aquasonic, which I have never seen outside of ebay (granted, I found it for the first time last week and haven't looked for it outside of ebay).
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Response by poster: Love all these ideas, and i'm going to return to this thread for future gifts, but I bought an ekalimba, which i think he will freak about. He uses regular ones now and does elaborate miking to amplify them. Although I saw the aquasonic afterwards, and find that very intriguing. I wish I could see/hear that in person. You guys are awesome!!!
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A hint for finding an aquasonic - that appears to be a knockoff of the Waterphone, so you'll probably find more under the latter name.
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Response by poster: The aquasonics are so cool but too $$$, although I did find a website on how to make one if you can find a welder. I might file that away for a future gift but in the meantime, I gave him an ekalimba and he freaked about it!!!! Thank you everyone for your fab ideas, and thanks naju for the great idea.
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