Cabins on Lake Mighigan
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Looking for a cabin for two on Lake Michigan, preferably the Wisconsin side. Does anyone have any specific recommendations?

We'll be coming from the Chicago area, but we're willing to drive three or four hours for a cozy place.

Pretty much the traditional criteria:
1. Warm with a fireplace.
2. On or near the lake.
3. Bonus points for being near a park, but that isn't necessary.
4. Near a small town or grocery (at least 30 minutes near, so that shouldn't be too hard at all.
5. Not super expensive (if that is possible?)

This past post was helpful:

But I'm looking for more specific "I have stayed here and it was great" type suggestions.

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We rented a cabin in Door County, WI, for a week in the summer, and it was fantastic. I can't remember the property management company, but it was one of the setups where a private owner rents out their cabin through the management company for week long stretches. IIRC, it wasn't any more expensive than going through a condo sort of setup, and was much nicer.
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