PayPal me my taxes.
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I am running a free Web-based service for friends and acquaintances. Lately, the volume on this service has been growing greatly. The next step is to move the service to a professional host. I am thinking of putting a paypal donation button on the site to help pay for it. Are there any legal or tax issues I need to worry about? Do I need a business license? What if I want to start selling Cafe Press items or running Google ads? I am located in the USA.
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In theory, probably. In practice, most people don't pay any attention to that sort of thing. If you get thousands and thousands in donations then you might want to think again, but until then, I think you'll be fine.
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What is the site? Just curious.
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Unless my accountants have lead me wrong, all that money is treated just like any other taxed extra income (1099). Once a place like Google pays you more than $600 in a year, they'll send you a 1099, which you'll owe taxes (state and federal, social security, medicare, etc) on.
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Really, I wouldn't worry much about it however if you wanted to be totally legit you should tell the IRS how much you made.
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The government also gets a copy of those 1099's, right? So that would seem to be a good guideline on what you'll get caught for not reporting.
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