I need a new backpack
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I need a new backpack. (My current one hurts my back and is covered in cat hair.) My new backpack goals are: (1) it should hold my computer comfortably (Powerbook G4), but (2) I don't want the boxy rectangular ones they sell at the Apple store; (3) I want something smart and sexy (perhaps in yellow?). Is this too much to ask? I'd also (4) like to be able to buy it online.
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Maybe a Timbuk2 messenger bag? It isn't too much to ask. You just pay for it. ;)
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I like Crumpler Bags - Base Toucher seems like a pretty decent backpack-style laptop bag. I have the Crippy Duck in orange and I love it, although I prefer a shoulder-bag myself. The major selling feature for me was how very much these bags don't look like laptop bags.
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Tom Bihn (various colours are available).
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Rather than Crumpler or Timbuk2, go with R.E.Load Bags. They are very nice and will custom design a bag for you, although, of course, all this requires money.
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I've owned a bunch of backpacks, and my favorite so far is from Patagonia. I like the minimalist nature of the bag, and it's pretty stylish and does a great job with my laptop.
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I have a Jansport backpack with an internal frame and a padded laptop compartment. It is extremely comfortable even with heavy loads, and protects the laptop well without telegraphing "I am a laptop bag; steal me and my contents."

Looking at the Jansport site it looks like they don't make the specific bag I have any longer, but this line is pretty close to what I've got.
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The ask.archives have some good advice as well.
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Have you considered getting a padded Powerbook sleeve? Then you could put it in any bag you choose.
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I have a regular JanSport backpack and I use an Eagle Creek laptop container. The combination works great since I don't usually take the laptop with me. If I was taking the laptop everywhere every day I would probably look for something integrated.
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I'm a big fan of eBags.com for this kind of thing, because it lets you pick the model of your laptop and then tells you which bags it will fit in. I bought a bag from there last year and the e-commerce / delivery side of things was flawless.
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This is one I almost bought when I was briefcase shopping a year or so ago. I had a chance to check it out at a local retailer and it seemed well-made and comfortable. I only balked because I wasn't sure I wanted a backpack...

(Looking back, I wish I'd done that instead of a regular soft briefcase w/shoulder strap.)
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The collection of links gathered while I was searching is up at del.icio.us/mrbill/bags.

I ended up with a Tucano "Second Skin" sleeve for my iBook 12", and it rides around in a dot-bomb-refugee Enron Broadband Services laptop backpack.
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I love my LapTrap.
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There's a store on Greenwich Avenue called Flight 001 that sells a lot of cool computer bags I've never seen anyplace else. If you feel like taking a walk. It seemed to me like they had more designs in the store than are currently on their website.

I got a bag that looked like a Pantone swatch there a few years ago and it was the best computer bag I've ever had. I never found another one of them online and Pantone denies ever making them. Which is weird because the store also carries that whole line of Pantone-branded office organization products. Odd.
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I love my Crumpler Base Toucher almost as much as i love my mac. Good internal padding, excellent back support, looks like an ordinary bag and is almost nigh indestructible. Well worth the hefty $ tag.
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I've had an L.L. Bean laptop backpack for the last 10 years, but sadly they don't appear to make anything like it anymore. Perhaps it was too proof against obsolescence.
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