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Time&SpaceFilter: GoogleFu failing me here... Trying to RE-find specific time and amount measurement/approximation sites.

1. A site (perhaps found on the Blue, a few years back?) about time where one can enter, say, a birth date/time and determine number of days or hours or minutes or whatever someone's been alive AND the date/time on which the next major milestone (25,000 days, 500,000 hours, or whatever) occurs, other things too...

2. A different site which provides nice visual analogues for amounts. Something like 100 is roughly the number of seats in a section of a baseball stadium (?), that sort of thing.

These were both fairly unadorned sites, and probably not related (though they may have been).

Preparing to go through a wormhole over the holidays, so I was thinkin' these might be useful again... ;)
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Best answer: For the first one, try this birthday calculator from
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Response by poster: We have a winner on the first one! :) Johnny, tell 'em what they win...

Operators are still standing by to take your answer to Question #2.
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Its probably not exactly what you meant, but sizeeasy lets you compare sizes of things.
For all kind of weird and wonderful data calculations you might also like Wolfram Alpha
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Thanks! Glad I could be helpful.

I've thought a bit about your second question, but haven't been able to come up with anything definitive. However, the two Wikipedia articles that I found most valuable were Orders of magnitude (numbers) and Fermi problem.
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