Table/Lamp integrated combo for my bedside for $50-$75?
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Table/Lamp integrated combo for my bedside for $50-$75?

Hi! My extensive searching has failed me - I'm looking for two table and lamp integrated combos for my bedside, but all of the ones I see are extremely expensive. Does anyone know anywhere online where I could find one that looks kinda like this (magazine rack totally optional). Also, what are some good search engine words? googling "lamp table" and "table, lamp, combo/combination" still isn't narrowing it enough to the specific integration I'm looking for. My budget is under $75, which I do think is possible, if I can hit upon the proper site/search terms. I am absolutely flexible in terms of color and lamp types - just want one item to do two jobs. Thanks!
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Craigslist sometimes has these, depending on where you are.
posted by oinopaponton at 7:00 AM on December 15, 2009

This task is screaming for Ikea Hacker.
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How about this?
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I have this one (from Walmart, boo; but only $63, yay!) and have been very happy with it-- good quality for the price.
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Another one from Walmart. (and one more utilitarian)
This one from Lowe's is cute. This one is cuter.
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Wow, I didn't even know this product existed and now I want one too. I like bluefly's (first) link better than mine though.
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I don't know how sturdy the ones I linked to are (the reviews at Walmart aren't great), but if you search for "magazine rack table lamp" or "table built in lamp" or "table with lamp" you'll get some others. The ones in the $99 range look pretty good if you can stretch your budget. Also, ebay and consignment stores might be a good bet.
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OMG I LOVE YOU ALL - IMMENSELY HELPFUL!!! I will post back with what I decide on! :)
posted by curiositykilledthelemur at 8:48 AM on December 16, 2009

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