The most fun way to hold a raffle
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Are there more fun ways to give away a variety of prizes at a raffle than just draw names/numbers from a box? ie: gameshow-style, competitions, etc.

We'll be having a raffle at an event with about 80 people. We'll have a variety of prizes worth anywhere from $5 to $50. What are some fun ways that we can choose the recipients, instead of just going "OK, next one ... OK, next one..."?
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Rock paper scissors or coin flipping championship!
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Wheel! Of! FORTUNE!
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Best answer: Put all the entries on a wall and play blindfolded pin-the-tail-on-the-ticket?
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Pants Off Dance Off.
Arm Wrestling
Yodelling Contest
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Cakewalks are ridiculous and puerile in concept. But once, when I was about 10, I won a free cake for walking around in a circle. A FREE CAKE. More than a dozen years later, and it's still the greatest thing I have ever won that required no significant effort on my part. So maybe it was a shitty grocery store sheet-cake, but my friends, it tasted better than anything you could possibly imagine. I'm arguably more proud of that cake than any of the subsequent "adult" things I have long since accomplished.
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