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I am spending Christmas Day alone in Portland, OR. What should I do with myself?

I will happily volunteer somewhere and I am open to suggestions for good volunteer gigs (or better yet, actual leads/contacts) from PDXers. Volunteering isn't likely to take up the whole day, though, and I'd really like to keep myself busy and my mind off of being alone. Any and all suggestions welcome.
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Best answer: I hear many Buddhists and Jews end up playing go at Powell's downtown (or this at least happened once upon a time). We could have a bah-humbug meetup if other Portlanders are into it (I definitely would be).
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Best answer: Here's a Portland Tribune article with contacts for holiday volunteering.
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Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas.
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I don't have any specifics here, but is there a spa anywhere within a few hours of you that might be open? A few years ago, a good friend of mine was in the same situation, and he drove to Calistoga and had the time of his life.
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Best answer: Sorry I don't have any volunteer ideas for you, but I, too, will be alone for Xmas (a holiday I don't celebrate anyway) in Portland. I like idiopath's idea for a "bah humbug" meetup. Maybe we could meet at Powell's for coffee and board/card games?
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Sounds excellent to me.
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