Best ideas for computer training at a non-profit?
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I'm looking for ideas on how best to implement computer training for a 70-person non-profit.

In charge of finding best practices for computer training at the local government non-profit where I work as the sole help desk/trainer. I am part of a three-person IT staff (boss, programmer, me) which is heavily Microsoft-software-based on PCs. Most, if not all, of the users have at least a basic competency in the software they need to use to get their jobs done. The apps are pretty basic: 2007 versions of the Office suite, Microsoft Dynamics.

I've explored having something like available to all the staff but I was wondering how computer training is provided where you work? Does anyone have any experience with having awesome training experiences at your job?

We could provide limited offsite classroom training but I'm not sure how effective that would be long term. We don't have a large budget for outside classes anyway.

I am aware of the most obvious methods, i.e. internal classes, bring in an expert, cheat sheets, but I am mostly looking for examples of methods or processes I might not have considered.
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Can you say more specifically what your goals are?
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Generally, at least where I used to hang, these sort of classes were held offsite at a place like this. And a local non-profit existed specifically to give technical training to other non-profits - but it seems to no longer exist. But in Burlington, Vermont this non-profit gave trainings and technical support at reduced rates for other non-profits.
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