I want to make Asian noodles from scratch. Can you help me?
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I really really love all types of Asian cooking that involves noodles (banh pho, udon, ramen, whatever!). Problem: kosher asian noodles are crazy hard to find in my neck of the woods. Could you help me out by suggesting cookbooks or websites with great make-it-from-scratch noodle recipes?

I found this, and there's a book on Amazon--somewhere!--that has a recipe for udon noodles. Other than that, I'm lost and alone.

Yes, I realize this will take me a long time to master in some cases.
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Oh, and I forgot about this ramen recipe I found.
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Homemade Udon from Serious Eats
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My favourite:
Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodles (Lai Mein)
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The reviews for this out-of-print book by Florence Lin indicate that some fresh noodle recipes are included.

Some noodles are sold fresh or refrigerated, but I'd assume that there are websites that sell dried Asian noodles, so you could stock up.
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Hey there's a brand new cookbook by the momofuku man David Chang that is all about his restaurants, one of which momofuku, specializes in ramen.
its a little involved, but has lots of great ideas
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I'm running out the door so I can't toss any links your way. But I can tell you that I started making all sorts of noodles a few years ago, and it's been a blast. You get progressively better by leaps and bounds initially so have fun!
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i like eating at momofuku but since you keep kosher the cookbook might not be the best inspiration for you as most everything at the restaurant involves pork!
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Lia: most pork recipes can become beef recipes without too much problem. It's the shrimp recipes that are hard, but even then you have a tasty sauce base most of the time.

Palionex: good to know! Most wheat-based noodles seem... easier, but rice noodles seem deadly tough. When you have some free time, could you give me a hint?
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