Where can I get plain ramen noodles?
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Where can I get plain (par-cooked) ramen noodles in NYC? I'm talking about frozen/refrigerated, not dried. I work in Midtown, so I'm near some Japanese groceries, but all I've seen are frozen packages that include soup- is there a better option than buying those and throwing out the broth? Also, are there particular brands to look out for?
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Not sure where you would find them locally to you (although I'm sure you can), but I've been enjoying the fresh ramen kits from Sun Noodle. They make refrigerated fresh noodles, with different types (the shoyu, for instance, are different from the tonkatsu) and a packet of tare to dilute. Serious Eats, who wrote the review I linked, likes them, and Sun makes noodles to spec for many famous restaurants all over the country. Momofuku gets their noodles from Sun.
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I'd suggest Sun Noodle ramen as well. I get them at Midoriya in Williamsburg, where they have kits (with broth packets) and also plain noodles. According to their website it looks like you can get them at Sunrise Mart in Manhattan too.
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Not quite ramen but could you do glass noodles/bean threads/cellophane noodles ? Much easier to find, simply go to a grocery store or asian market.
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Most grocery stores in Chinatown (Kam Man immediately springs to mind) carry what you're looking for in the refrigerated section. You may find versions that come with sauce packets ramen-style; you can just throw out the sauce.
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It sounds like you want Yaki-Soba noodles. Japanese grocery stores carry it in refrigerated packets. Sprouts has it too. It's already hydrated and suitable for throwing into any kind of dish you've got simmering or stir frying on the burner.
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Sun Noodles are good, as are Yamachan (not sure Yamachan is available in NYC, though). I know you can get Sun Noodles more conveniently, but I just wanted to mention that they're also at my favorite South Brooklyn grocery, the charming Court Street Grocers.
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Response by poster: lpcxa0: "Not quite ramen but could you do glass noodles/bean threads/cellophane noodles"

w0mbat: "It sounds like you want Yaki-Soba noodles."

Ramen noodles are actually very specific (high alkaline makes them chewy).

Sun says they sell at Dainobu on 47th, where I just went and did not see them. Would they be in some non-standard place?
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Best answer: mkultra I saw exactly what you're describing at Katagiri on E. 59th btw 2nd & 3rd about 2-3 weeks ago. 212.755.3566

If you want to call in advance and don't speak Japanese, some of their staff speak English. In a pinch: rāmen ga arimasu ka? I don't know how to specify refrigerated though.
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Response by poster: Brilliant. Found them at Katagiri, and now that I know what the packaging looks like I realized that Dainobu carries them up front. Thanks!
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In the event it's more convenient for you and/or others are looking in the future, I saw the refrigerated ramen at Fairway. I was specifically at the one on E. 86th, but I'm sure others carry it as well.
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