How to print a stapled newsletter at kinkos using InDesign?
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How do I make a document that will be printed so that its pages can be folded in half and stapled down the middle? (saddle-stitched?)

I'm in charge of my campus fellowship's semester publication/magazine. In the past we've done everything "by hand," cutting with scissors and gluing, et cetera. But this year I am using InDesign.

I'm not having much trouble actually making the magazine, but I just realized how printing it might be a problem. Because on the computer the document is displayed in page order, but if it's printed like that and stapled (down the middle, saddle-stitch?), all the pages would be out of order.

So I must do something called imposition?

Also, we are printing at kinkos. Would it be best to go with a PDF file that is formatted with page spreads (?) for printing? How do I go about doing this?

Sorry I know nothing about printing so my lingo is probably all wrong. So any help would be appreciated!
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Best answer: Print booklet in InDesign CS3
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Response by poster: thanks blazecock! not too hard to make a printable PDF file then! TYSM
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Another option if you have a random PDF or Postscript file that you want to reprint in a booklet form are the pdfbook and psbook tools.
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The lingo you want, btw, is "printer spreads." Right now you're working in "reader spreads."
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Also, Kinko's (excuse me...FedEx Office) has a "print online" thing on their website where you can upload the file. The new version is kinda wonky. You can call your local center and ask for their email address, and you can email them the file with the instructions. If you have questions, call and ask who is on "production" - those are the folks who work in the back on Print Online and other projects.
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