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Help me find a dentist in NYC with an office on a high floor of a classic skyscraper.

I need to find a dentist, and the most important criteria is that their office have an awesome view. I've read that during the depression, desperate landlords signed cheap 99-year leases with dentists to carry them through the lean times, and that many of them survive today in Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the Woolworth Building, etc. If my dentist had an over-the-top art-deco lobby and 85th-story views, it wouldn't be such a drag going twice a year.

So far I found these guys Empire State Dental who are on the 52nd floor of the Empire State and seem sufficiently cornball. This blog entry has photos of the view from a 69th floor dentist office in the Chrysler Building, but doesn't identify the dentist. Anybody know who that might be?

I'm grateful for any additional suggestions.
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Best answer: Looks like this might be the guy you're looking for.
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I clicked on the Photo link at Empire State Dental expecting to see the view. I guess that's what I got.
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The Williamsburg Savings Bank in downtown Brooklyn used to house over eighty dentists. Here is a times article about the place.

Now that the building has gone condo, I think only the five dentists with the longest leases are left. You can try to contact Dr. Brad Teplitsky. He used to be on a high floor, but may have moved.
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I googled "Chrysler building dentist" and came up with several options. You might want to try that with other building names.
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I know a colleague had a dentist at the Chrysler Building - I think higher than 69. She had to walk down from there on 9/11 as the building was evacuated.
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Dr. Franzetti put an implant in my mouth about two years ago and did a great job. His office was high up enough in the Williamsburg Bank Building that I can remember looking out the window and seeing a panorama of Brooklyn.
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How much of a pain would it be to just go to the buildings in question and look at the directory in their lobby? There are a limited number of buildings that meet your criteria - if you did one a week you could be done by mid-January at the latest.
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Dr. Weiss, from saladin's link, is interviewed in an audio slideshow that accompanies that article as well. He apparently only does implants, though, so while the setting is stunning, you likely don't fit his practice.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! I made an appointment with Dr. Weiss' office and the view was everything that was promised. The windows are all irregular collages of triangular panes because the office is actually in the crown of the building. Highly recommended for the view. The dentistry was also fine.
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Fantastic! I'm glad it was.
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